It dawned on me this week that I chose the worst possible time of the year to begin a fitness journey as a member of the media in Louisville, Kentucky. Derby Season is wild for most Louisvillians, but my role in digital media means going to as many events as possible to capture photos for features on and our many social platforms.

Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE DERBY. The mayhem of running between daily happenings is intoxicating and I eat up every special moment. But, there isn’t a lot of downtime for me for, well, ALL OF APRIL and the first four days of May. So, I have to really fight for the time to get to Baptist Milestone to keep plugging away at my goal of getting #FitToFly!

I can’t wait for May 6th to bring a slightly less jam packed schedule. In the meantime, the battle continues! Wish me luck!

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