Intuitive Life Coach Jessica Tanselle

I haven’t always been aware of my gifts as a Psychic or a Medium.  The first time I realized I had this gift of intuition was in August 2009. 9 years ago.  I was taking a shower and had this random thought: “Jessica, tell your Mom I love her and I’m sorry I wasn’t there for her.”  In the midst of thinking, “that’s a weird way to think to myself,” I paused…I knew exactly what had just happened, and, who the message was from.

Five minutes later I call my Mom and awkwardly explain, “So… this just happened…”  To my surprise, she replied, “Jessica, I got that message 5 years ago but I thought it was from my brother.”  She explained that she’d gotten the same message in a psychic reading. She also added that she was told the sender’s initial was “M”.  “M” was correct — but it wasn’t Mike, it was Mark, her cousin. That realization gave me chills all over my body! “Wow!”, I thought, “That really just happened to me.  Someone that passed away before I was 4 years old delivered a message to me for my mother.”

I ‘ve always been fascinated with ghost stories and the unseen.  Growing up, my mom had a good friend who was a psychic. We had readings with Marilyn several times and she was among the first people I called after delivering the message to Mom.  I was an absolute believer in connecting with other realms, I just never thought I would be the one speaking to the spirits!

Eight months after receiving that first message, I lost my Mother in a really horrific and tragic way.  They say everything happens the way it is meant to, and the timing of my gift coming to fruition could not have been more appropriate.  I was able to deliver an extremely important and healing message to her prior to her death.

My Mother was missing for a week before being found. The police searched and searched.  We contacted our Psychic friend and she told us that she is in a van and gave us a description.  Sure enough, she was in a van. Under a tarp. We never had a cause of death. No gunshot, no stab wounds, nothing.  But she was gone.

My Mom was my best friend.  We talked nearly every day. It was a terrible, terrible time in my life, but rather than sit in my grief, I moved forward.  By re-shaping my outlook and trying to find the positives, no matter how small, I overcame the hurdles in my path. I overcame hurtful relationships, past traumas, deaths, and all the other big and little obstacles tends to throw at us.  I let the experiences, shape my life rather than break my life. These are serious things to hang on to, but EVERYTHING happens for a reason. Our life experiences, good and bad, help us to become the people we are today. We can either sit in fear and sadness and stay stuck in an ongoing rotation of life with no thrill or joy, OR we can take what we have learned from each situation and allow those situations to make us better.  Our life experiences are lessons. Maybe you have had crazy life experiences like me. How did they affect you? Do they still?

Go try to find that silver lining.  What lessons came from those traumatic experiences and big obstacles?  Find gratitude for the lessons learned and you can heal the past and know that you are safe.  

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