Let’s talk about CBD.

As someone who’s worked in the health/wellness retail industry for over a year, I can tell you it’s something I do often. There’s a good reason everyone wants to talk about CBD, though, and the reason is that it works.

I’ve had people tell me it works for them for almost anything: pain, anxiety, sleep problems, arthritis, depression, focus, concentration, fatigue, digestive problems, I could go on.

I only have a basic knowledge of how the plant works and what it helps with. However, I am an authority on my own experience with the stuff, and the one thing I think you should know about it is that it’s so good, most of the time you don’t even realize it’s working.

I’ve started and stopped taking CBD quite a few times over the past year. I would take it for a few months, and then this magical little compound would do such a good job taking care of my problems that I forgot I ever had them. Me, with my reduced problems would think I don’t really need CBD anymore, no need to buy it this month. Lo and behold, in the weeks following every time that I stopped, I would notice excruciating pain in my knees when I bent them, trouble staying asleep at night, and ANXIETY.

Unless I make an effort to do something about it, I’m the kind of person who is just slightly anxious all the time, usually for no apparent reason. But when I take CBD regularly, that background anxiety quietly disappears. So does the pain, and so do the sleep problems. It’s like magic.

Another thing you should know about CBD is that it’s absolutely not all created equally. It varies tremendously in quality, and you might find a lot of misinformation and confusing language from companies trying to get you to buy their CBD products. When it comes to finding the right CBD, my advice to you is this: Do your research. Try to find out all you can about the company. Where is it sourcing the hemp from? Have their products been third party tested for purity? Figure out what’s important to you when considering a CBD product or company. For me personally, it’s that the company is local and trustworthy. I currently take the Raw CBD from Q Apothecary and it’s worked better than any I’ve tried at managing my anxiety, which is the biggest problem I had before. 

If you’re having problems with pain, sleep, or anxiety and don’t know what to do, or want to cure it with something natural and no side effects, give CBD a try. You might be surprised with how much better you feel, and it might work so well you forget you even had the problem in the first place!

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