Hey guys, welcome back to #SmellTheRoses! This week we are going to chat about some items that are an absolute must-have in your college backpack.  You may think that this is silly, but there are many times I have forgotten something that totally ruined my day…not to be dramatic. LOL. Let me save you the pain! If you take the time to read and mark off this checklist for your backpack, I can ensure you that you will be prepared for ALMOST all circumstances and/or obstacles the daily grind can throw your way.

First things first, always have a notebook, AND a pen and pencil.  This can really hurt you if the professor throws a pop quiz out, or lets out some very important information on the next exam, but has to be used with your own paper and pen.  Trust me, it can and will happen most likely once or twice at the minimum throughout your college years.

Second, make sure that you ALWAYS have an umbrella tucked in your bag. I learned this the hard way, especially in flood/rainy city; Louisville.  This is such a day saver, because there really is not much worse things than having to sit through your lecture being soaking wet.

Third, make sure to have headphones, as well as a laptop and phone charger.  A spare set is a great investment if possible, that way you do not always have to remember to grab it every single day before class.  This has saved me from long breaks between classes, from not losing a homework assignment I was working on, and all the in between that you can imagine…so yes this is a big must!

Fourth, make sure you always have your wallet and keys in your bag in case you need to run back home, make an unknown purchase, or need to show your school ID to get in somewhere, etc.  This is something easily forgotten as you may think you do not need it because you are not driving anywhere, just simply going to class.  However, it is in your best interest to have this on hand twenty-four seven.

There are plenty of other things that can be smart to store in your backpack, but these are probably my top four that saved me multiple times throughout my college career.  So…go pack and prepare your bag for tomorrow and kill it. Enjoy, see you next time on #smelltheroses.

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