This tip, in all honesty, seems like a no-brainer, but as I sit here at one of my favorite coffee-imbibement establishments in Louisville, I look around and see that none of my fellow work-from-anywhere folks are taking advantage of this simple trick.

I’m going to lay it out bluntly here- for the best experience at a coffee shop when you’re going to be sitting there working, reading, conversing, whatever, is to order your coffee in a mug. Yes, the ceramic mug is the hot set up that will elevate your experience. Not only is it a more stout-feeling vessel for your toasty beverage, but it keeps said toasty beverage warmer, longer. 

Some people will look at you funny. Others will take note to do the same on their next visit. If you happen to be in the company of another human being, they’ll no doubt give you a solid nod and make a positive mental note as well.

You Instagrammers will revel in the fact that the mug experience at the coffee shop will give you a much more polished shot to show people how productive you’re being. (PS- I just did this, so I know it’s true)

I almost omitted the waste that the mug eliminates, until I realized how many accessories the average drink comes with. Be proud that you kept a disposable cup out of the trash. And a plastic lid. And a cardboard thing around the cup to keep your little fingers from getting burned. These little things that nobody wants add up. A ton. 

Visit and book a tour!

If you are one of the many that work from coffee shops on the regular, there is a better alternative! Located in the heart of the Highlands at 965 Baxter Ave, Yes Working is a collaborative coworking space that offers better privacy, more community, and gives your company a bonafide business address! And they brew up some amazing french press and pour-over coffee, all served in real, non-disposable mugs! Check them out at and book a tour! It just might take your business to the next level!

So do yourself a favor- next time you’re at Starbucks, Fante’s Coffee, Heine Bros, Safai, or Highland Coffee, ask for it in a mug. It will elevate your experience. 

And they don’t even charge you more for it!

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