Here’s the thing, at least some of the world’s population has a vagina. As a teenager I would turn red in the face from embarrassment when shopping for tampons in the store. “Oh no! That cute guy saw me go down the unmentionables aisle. Now he knows I’m on my period and will think I’m gross!” The HORROR!

As a thirty(ish) something woman I can go down the “shark week” aisle (as we call it) and grab whatever the hell I need without a care in the world. I’m even tossing like 2 bags of candy, a pack of cupcakes, a tub of rocky road and a chocolate cake in the cart on my way to check out. Come at me with your side eye and I’ll just wave at you with my junk food in hand. I. Don’t. Care. This is my body that does and amazing job at keeping me here on earth and Ill be damned if I’m gonna be embarrassed ever again.

Ok, so now that we have that out of the way let’s move on to the good stuff. What are some for real things you can do to care for your lady bits? You might be wondering why I’m even discussing this  I just don’t think we talk about it enough. Not everyone is comfortable with their bodies enough to discuss such a personal matter with another human and that is perfectly fine. Remember, I used to be embarrassed once upon a time.

Don’t you worry! I’ve gotcha covered with these 4 simple care steps for your lady parts!

Step 1 – Toss the tampons.

Seriously, those things are an accident waiting to happen. They leak, they can be uncomfortable and worst of all if you are the person that can’t remember the last time you changed that baby out it’s likely you are way past the recommended hours of usage. We all have heard of Toxic Shock Syndrome. It’s for real and can cause you serious illness or worse! Yikes!

Step 2 – Invest in safe alternatives that aren’t a tampon.

My preferred method is the menstrual cup. You just situate the cup in the same place you put a tampon (yeah, where else) and Voila! No worries. Since my discovery of this little beauty my periods have been far less bothersome. Trust me, this is not gross, it’s not gonna leak when placed properly and best of all you don’t have to worry about some germ sucking piece of cotton chillin out in your hoo-ha. It’s a win win!

Step 3 – Stay away from putting chemicals down there.

Seriously, don’t use that perfumed vagina dry shampoo in your public hair. Why is that even a thing? Also let’s just avoid anything perfumed down there at all unless you want some kinda strange irritation to form. Your vagina is a self cleansing organ. All that is required is water. (Unless otherwise directed by your doctor. That’s not me. I’m not your doctor.)

Step 4 – I’m gonna stop here because it’s the most important step…get regular health screenings!

It’s never comfortable having a stranger looking around in your private areas but it is necessary. I can’t stress it enough. Find a gynecologist you trust and see them regularly. If you are young consider getting an HPV Vaccination. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) cervical cancer used to be the “leading cause of cancer death for women”; however, in the last 40 years that number has decreased due to a rise in women getting regular Pap smears from their doctors. So do yourself and your loved ones a favor and get checked regularly!

I hope you’ve found this information useful. Sometimes we all just need a good reminder that even the most private areas need some TLC too!

(As I mentioned before, I am not a physician so please always follow the direction of your doctor.)

Cheers to the Journey!

Addy K.

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