We are in the throes of change and winter is upon us! I found myself admiring the leaves fall from the trees last week. Some of them were still green leaves and I watched them drift to the ground. I don’t think I have ever taken the moment to actually watch the leaves drift from the branches to the ground. It was amazing to be completely present in the moment. That was when I realized that I had been absent for a lot of things going on even though I had physically been there. 

The leaves falling and changing is a reflection of myself and the stage of life I am in. I am currently going through many changes and for the first time in my life, I have allowed things to flow and just fall into place. When I say, flow, I mean to roll with the punches without resisting the change. We often want to control every aspect and resist what we think shouldn’t be. 

This year, I experienced what flow really meant and that the Universe really does have my back. Let me tell you how that happened. I realized in the summer that my relationship had shifted. My amazing, caring, loving boyfriend and I had become best friends. My gut was telling me it was time for a change. So I just prayed/asked the universe to help me know when and help me know how to make the changes. The universe opened that door several times. In fact, three nights in a row and then I finally said what I needed to say. The universe let me know what to do in each step; I listened to my gut. The more that I followed my gut/my instinct/my guidance, the easier the steps became. This was just one of the changes and a very difficult one. It was emotional, yet every step was handed to me because I was open to the change and open to the next steps in my life.

Sometimes we are guided to do things that we didn’t expect. Change of relationship, change of job, change of residence, and so many other changes. When we resist these changes, life can be difficult. When we flow, the universe shows us that it can be easier even through the difficulty.

Here are your cards for this coming month. The deck is “The Universe Has Your Back.” I felt these cards were perfect for this month! What is it you need guidance on? Think of that and pick one of the cards or maybe all of the cards to help guide you to your answer. We just had a wonderful Full Moon this week and the energy of this full moon is asking us to dream big and manifest. Focus on those goals you want to achieve and write those down as if they are already happening. Then, follow your gut for the next step. One small step in the direction of change will open the next door for you! 

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