The post grad life is totally real…that slump yet high feeling?  Totally get it. For those who have felt these feelings, you know what I am talking about.  It is definitely a tough and rather rough transition. I would say that college is that random time growing up that is unlike all the other phases of life.  What I mean by that is, growing up I was always on a long day-to-day schedule: wake up early, school all day, activities after and repeat.  Then all of a sudden you get to college, and you have class only two or three times a week for a few years, you stay up late, you go out on a Thursday, and all that fun crazy “college” stuff. Then life hits you like a brick when it’s over, and you blink and you are right back to that grind schedule: wake up early, work 9-5, workout, run errands and repeat.

I think it is tough coming out of college and feeling super successful and put together.  So much drastic change is going on, and you are still young but grown enough to have fend for yourself and be successful.  I have some friends out of college without jobs, I have some friends still in college, some friends single, some friends that seem close to marriage, some with dogs, all over the spectrum.  There is so much variety, and if we are being honest it tends to mess with my mind some.  I wake up, workout, shower, eat, and have been at work for 3 plus hours and some of my friends are still not awake.  Another example, maybe they send me pictures while out for drinks at 2pm in the afternoon, and I am like “damn…this adulting is kind of sucky”.  But then the next moment, you’re getting a paycheck, getting all these awesome experiences and knowledge at work, getting the most out of your days, so productive, and then I am like “this is awesome”.  Totally a whirl wind of feelings!

Therefore, I just wanted to write this blog to let people know it is okay to not have it all together…and that goes for anytime in your life.  Bottom line is, life is not perfect and quite frankly it never will be. Just take it day by day, and know that it will all make sense in time. Each day toward bettering yourself, and your career will lead you to a life that you are entirely proud of.  If you are happy, and feel content with the efforts put into each day than that truly is what life is meant to be all about.  Some days will be great, others will be gray, and that is okay. 

I encourage all of you to wake up each day with a more positive mindset than the day before, and the reason I say that is because mindset and outlook is everything.  I find that days that I am true to myself, and wake up feeling thankful and say to myself “Rose, today is going to be a great day” then….it will. Every single day my boyfriend reminds me, he will say something along the lines of “let’s make the absolute most out of this day, it is going to be such a great day for you”.  I love hearing these reminders, as it allows me to stay optimistic and believe each day is full of beauty and happiness.  I challenge you to take each day and make it the best it can, to know that life is full of highs and lows, and that your life is exactly where it is meant to be in this very moment.

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