Halloween marks many traditions. For me, Halloween has always been a time to dress up as someone different and to collect that candy! We walked around with a pillow case and banked every piece of candy we could. Those houses with the full size candy bars were my favorite. It was also a time of family togetherness, chili, and trading the candy I didn’t want for the pieces I did want! I’ve always loved this time of year. It always feels good. 

Not everyone celebrates Halloween or they may celebrate it differently. Halloween is represented in many cultures but not the way we know it. For most, All Hallows Eve is the time of year when those who have passed before us are celebrated. We celebrate the thinning of the veil between us and those who have died. There is also a Celtic tradition that is celebrated between October 31 and November 1 called Samhain (pronounced Sow-in). Samhain is a celebration of the end of “summer” and the beginning of the winter season. This is celebrated as the beginning of a new spiritual year which is why this time of year is considered the “witches’ new year.”

The Samhain celebration is actually quite beautiful. It’s a spiritual celebration rather than the family oriented holiday we have grown accustomed to. It brings focus to the end of the growth part of the year and the start of the coldest part of the year. Nature is dying, death is in the air, which brings us to the veil being thin between the living and the dead. Samhain celebrates life in contrast to death. Samhain brings closure for our losses and reconnects us with the rhythm of nature.

Honor this holiday and make a little magic by developing your own traditions! Maybe you do a little witchy magic for yourself and you celebrate with family too! Here are some ways to spiritually celebrate Halloween, Samhain, All Hallow’s Eve. 

1. Walk and meditate in nature. Notice your surroundings. Connect with nature and notice the cycle of life. 

2. Have a family gathering and meal. Say a prayer or intention of gratitude for the abundance from harvest time that lies ahead. 

3. Make an alter to celebrate your loved ones that have passed. You can also do this with items of the season. Your alter can have whatever you like to have on it. It’s a place to represent you spiritually.

4. Build a bonfire. Write down a pattern or habit that you want to release. Say your prayer or intention and then let that shit burn!

5. Have a private ceremony for yourself. Bring your blend of spices and herbs of the season, light a candle, say what is to come this next year, and bath in your ritual spices or you may choose to enjoy your spices as a nice tea.

6. Reach out to your runes, your tarot cards, or your Psychic Medium (that’s me!) for guidance on the year to come and to hear with your passed loved ones.

Happy Halloween! Happy All Hallows’ Eve. Merry Samhain.

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