Ed. note: This was originally published in October 2016. I decided to revisit it for #TBT & because it’s something I feel we always need to be conscious of. -Jason Mudd

I had a completely different post written for my introduction to a new blog series but the events in Nice got me shifted to the real problems that our world is dealing with right now. And I don’t think that it is hate nor do I think it is racism, however, I believe that these are the symptoms of the underlying issue.

I think that the biggest thing that is plaguing our society, the society of the human race, is something that is innate in our nature. It has been necessary for our survival. It is fear. But now the fear is different. It is social in nature, bred by the media and spread at the click of a button. We fear that our identity and therefore ourselves will be lost, or worse yet, taken by someone else. We have this fear, bred by the comparative nature of humans and by how social media seems to encourage this.

I’m starting to see people as being either loving or fearful. Things that come out as attacking or aggressive really are just perceived by the aggressor as being a threat, which induces fear. This outlook changes the way that I can act or react to these actions. I’m trying very hard to act rather than react to things. This is an intentional shift that I think we can all adopt on some level.

So as observers in this whole mess of a world that we live in, we can choose one of two paths. We can choose fear, which breeds insecurity and hate. Or we can choose love which simply breeds love. Love helps us understand. Love brings us together. Love helps us to empathize with the fear that others feel and at that point, we can work to make things better.

Do you want to live in a fearful manner or one that is rooted in love? I’m going to choose love. I hope you’ll stand with me and choose love.

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