We all have a little voice inside our head. Call it your intuition, your conscious, or just your body talking to you but, we all have it. Recently I’ve recognized a duality there, positive and negative, one that works for me, and one that works against me. This idea came brilliantly to light in a Facebook comment of all places. I was reading someone’s post about working out, and one of the comments was “just listen to your body”, meaning that your body will let you know when it’s had enough. “Hummmm”, I thought to myself, if I listened to my body I’d never be at the endurance level that I’m at right now.

My body and mind at times scream for me to stop running, or too hang on the wall a bit longer when I’m swimming laps. It’s when I’ve kicked my body’s lazy ass to go farther, work harder and endure more… It’s at those times that I grow and achieve or surpass goals. So, if it’s my mind and body telling me to stop, or slow down, or rest… What is it that tells me “just a little bit more, you have another mile in you”?

How do we know what voice to listen to if they are always in opposition? There are conflicting voices outside of ourselves too, our friends, our family, and our teachers. How do we discern through the noise and rhetoric and find out what our own truth is and grow from it? Of course I don’t know the answer for everyone, but for me I think of it becoming clearer and the secret is ACTION.

Imagine three doorways in front of you. The one on the right and the one on the left are smaller than the one in the middle. The one in the middle is double in size. The one on the right we will call Positive, and the one on the left we will call negative and the big one in the middle will be inaction. That’s right, I said duality before, but now I am talking about three choices, but if you are a good person, inside the loudest voices are inaction and positive, the negative isn’t really heard. Actually you have learned to ignore that voice (which is a good thing) but the voice of inaction is can be quite loud drowning out the positive one.

We may have fooled ourselves by thinking that just because we are not picking the negative choice we are making a positive one, but inaction is sort of like “just surviving”, it does not lead to growth or leadership or any of the positive outcomes that we might aspire to. It takes 4 times the amount of energy to get through the positive doorway. It takes 4 times the amount of discipline and dedication and persistence to get past the negative and the inaction. But we ALL have this power to push on, to choose, to dedicate ourselves to be a champion of the positive.

So when I only hear two voices, I look at which has the ACTION involved and I tend to follow that voice, knowing that fear, pain, & fatigue all might be there as walls for me to get past, but getting past those walls there is a place to live.

Back to the Angels and Devils, I think that the devil has actually seized both the negative and the inactive doorways. It is not a matter of going through the negative gateway, but more of a matter of not going through the positive doorway that the Angels are calling from. This goes with all kinds of parts of our life, our work life, our physical fitness, our family life. There is a saying “no one ever said it would be easy, but it will be WORTH it.” Remember using 4 times the amount of energy to be ACTIVE – to have ACTION – to ACHIEVE is going to be worth it to get past the big door in the middle that so many go through – inaction – to get to the positive doorway.

John “Z” Zeydel

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