No Rules Networking: I could write something boring about how we started over 16 years ago, or I could write about the experience of what it is like, or how many people come, or even what you could expect to get out of it if you show up, but I don’t think I will write about that today. Why? Because that stuff doesn’t really matter does it? Either you show up or you don’t. That is almost implied in the name No Rules. It is more than just networking, is more of a social gathering, and that is why I wanted to work with YES Louisville and Social Media guru Jason Mudd to make NRN something even better.

After 16 years of hosting a free networking event, I learned a lot about networking. I have shared stories with authors and also written extensively myself distilling it down into best practices; how to get more out of your networking, how to network better. I even lead many seminars through my own company Arkham Executive and Business First on “How to Network Better”, and even though those thoughts and insights might be helpful, it still did not distil what I know now to be true.

My eyes have been opened up to the physical world, and that means I have been studying a lot of physics lately. Gravity is an interesting concept and many of the laws of gravity pertain to business. Here is an example of how it works in regards to networking. If there are two objects in space just drifting about, slowly and eventually, they will start being attracted together as long as there is nothing else pulling on them. Think about two people in an empty room- eventually, they will walk up to each other and say “hi”. To enhance this affect and activate more “pull” is something worth pursuing. Gravity works on the attraction to the center of mass. That mass we are talking about in people does not have to do with weight, but with ideas, influence, and of course ACTIONS. As individuals we think that the more people, our networking mass increases, soon people will be coming to us because of our massive network, it will gain gravity, right? 


People: just collecting names, collecting contacts on Linked-in, on Facebook doesn’t make one more attractive, because the “Gravity” has not been activated (this is why many of the programs sold to boost your followers on Instagram and the like are shams).  You can’t force the results without the proper physicality in place. Part of the pull of networking gravity is “Like”. I did not say “likability” because you might be likable, but if no one actually LIKES you, then the gravity hasn’t been activated. There are more things that can add to your gravitation, like Influence, humor, integrity, talent, passion, and empathy. See, the secret isn’t a detectable to the naked eye, even when you look into the mirror, you can’t see these things, but their forces are at work. Like gravity, these are invisible forces yet quantifiable. These are forces that you develop and effect how you “move” in the world around you.  The force of gravity can be measured, and with the right metrics we can measure your attractive force as well – this will speed up how your network grows, because …. The “pull” will be in you.

So you think I have gotten off topic? I haven’t really, I said it didn’t matter about the venue or who showed up, what matters is if YOU show up, and how you have ramped up your gravitational force, but even that does not matter if you don’t show up in the first place. The magic of attracting people into your circle comes from YOU, and not a place or a time.  Partnering with YES Louisville, we want to make PLACES and TIMES available to you. However, just think of us as the lab that your gravitational experiments will be held in. We will do the leg work marketing these “socials” these “meet-ups” these “gatherings”… we create a space where YOU can shine.

So, No Rules?  Just show up. Be you. if you are not getting the results you want, maybe you need to work on yourself. Be mindful of the gravity of that statement, because there is a lot of work to do & the effort and the work is part of the journey.

If you want to show off your physical space, restaurant, or office,  get in contact with YES Louisville and let’s have a No Rules event there. This is a good chance for business’s to have a faster initial draw and let their own gravity keep new people coming back.

John “Z” Zeydel – your HOST for No Rules for the past 16 years

Creator of Managing by Excellence and PUSH Coaching – which will help you work on your own Gravity.

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