I turned 35 on January 7th (I got to spend my birthday week in Colorado!!) and I feel better than I ever have in all my life. And in all areas, too. I’m happy with where I’m at. But I also know that life isn’t about goals or “ends”, it’s about the process and the journey. It is not about what you do once, it is about what you do consistently that counts. Physical activity, mental stimulation, and purpose. It’s all part of the puzzle and each piece is so important.  

One thing that I’ve not been super consistent on is journaling. I have had high hopes in the past and have made some pretty good starts but they often have fizzled out fairly quickly. So I’m going back to an old friend and I’m publicly committing to 90 days of The Five-Minute Journal. I’m happy to get back into recording some of my thoughts and having a running record.

I’m also getting back into my morning routine of prayer and meditation more consistently and intentionally. I think that the intentional part is a recurring theme with me and something that I’m going to talk more about this year. The results that you get out of anything when you are intentional and do them with purpose are so much better.

My focus on my health is going to reach a new level. I’m going to utilize my 502 Fit Pass membership and make sure that the intentionality flows into my workout routine. For me, it’s easy to be active when I can ride my bicycle, but when it gets colder it takes more of that intention to stay active and get my workout in. My diet is going to get back to the low carb, higher fat balance that works very well for me.

I’m going to give a shout out to my wife, Tara, for inspiring me beyond measure to be healthier. She puts in the work daily and it shows in every part of her life. That’s what’s so cool about taking care of yourself. You’re not investing in yourself for the purpose of simply making yourself better. You’re investing in yourself so that you can then invest in the lives of those around you. You can’t pour from an empty cup, as I like to say.

I’m not calling these things ‘resolutions’. They’re more the evolution and results of what I’ve done that have yielded results and what I learn as I grow and experience more. I’m excited to share the journey.

I’m interested to hear some of the changes you’ve committed to making in your own life. Leave a comment, send a message or shoot me an email!

-Jason Mudd, owner and head social media strategist at SocialMudd.com. I also moonlight as an IT consultant, iPhone repair guru, and serve at the pleasure of the board as editor for this local site.

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