I saw a post on Facebook that said 9 out of 10 people put something meaningful on their cell phone lock screen. In this post, there were mostly pictures of kids, partners, friends, puppies and the occasional motorcycle. And these are all fantastic things to have on a static screen that you look at 1,000 times per day. I do mine a little bit differently.

My To-Do Lock Screen
My To-Do Lock Screen

I know that I have a set number of things that I need to accomplish every day to keep my little life chugging along smoothly. So I use one of my favorite apps Over to easily put 3-5 things on a fun list and I make that as my lock screen background. Over is great because it has templates for all different sizes, including an iPhone screen. 

By having my to-do’s on my lock screen, I look at them multiple times throughout the day. This naturally keeps them on my mind and ultimately increases the consistency that I’ll get them done every single day. 

What are some things that you put on your lock screen? How do you use that space to increase your productivity? 

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