Mindfulness is a term that you’ve probably heard and maybe wondered about it. It’s been thrown around quite a bit lately and is gaining traction because of the benefits that it can bring to your life. Mindfulness is a state of being that is achieved through one’s awareness in the present moment. Many people think that mindfulness is something that is limited to being on a yoga mat or in a trance and that it has something to do with religion. This is simply not correct. Anyone can be mindful at any time- that’s the goal! But it does start with some intentional alone time.

You see, to achieve mindfulness you are really striving to attain a place where you acknowledge your thoughts and feelings but do not succumb to them. It’s a strange juxtaposition for some people, because we as humans are easily driven by our emotions. Part of mindfulness is to realize and accept that you are not your emotions. You can let them in and feel them, even react to them to a certain extent, but you also must let them pass. It’s all about self-awareness.

Check out this great video from Awake Academy that dives into what mindfulness is. It’s attainable for absolutely ANYONE. Give it a try!

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