I was talking to Rabbi Shmully today who, in addition to being a man of faith in the Jewish Orthodox church, also has an IT business (The Computer Rabbi). I asked him about how things were going. He was telling me about a client of his who kept asking if the website he commissioned was done. Shmully told me it wasn’t done yet- he was still looking to get it “just right”.

Together we started looking at how the word “done” was stopping progress. “Done” would imply a permanence, so it would have to be perfect before it was complete. We both agreed that perfection really wasn’t an achievable destination for anything that we worked on. But that word “done” created some anxiety that paralyzed the process of going live with the website.

Rabbi Shmully will now deliver version 2.2 of the site, and he and the client will then continually work on improvements. This is a living process. After all, the opposite of a living process is what?…DEATH… “Done” is the finale, the curtains go down after the play is done, the dishes are cleaned after dinner is done, the hearse takes us to the graveyard when our body is finally done.

Communication, interaction, sharing are all living process. I think my son would like to think that his homework is done, but there will always be homework, the learning process never ends. Only tonight’s homework is done, only this blog will be done (we are close to the end of it), but that doesn’t mean that I AM done, I am going to continue to share, continue to improve on the messages I’m communicating, I’ll always be writing, because it’s an outward sharing that I’m committed to.

Don’t let words limit you, be intentional with your movement and your commitment for improvement, know that it’s all a process, the only thing that is really “done” is yesterday… But still, your yesterday’s aren’t done teaching you either.

John “Z” Zeydel | Blogger for Yes Louisville who is never “done”… Helping more entrepreneurs PUSH, and keep in motion.

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