Today is gratitude Wednesday and as I write this I’m sitting at my spot at Iron Bell, listening to some wonderful live music and contemplating the things in my life. And something that jumped out at me is how we have the freedom to voice our opinions that don’t always line up with what others think. And that’s ok. In fact, it is quite incredible. Let me explain.

I’ve been hearing lately, with social media, about so many people who will de-friend people when they start on their rants. They don’t agree with the other person’s viewpoint so they don’t want to hear it. But how horrible would it be to only be surrounded by thoughts that agree with your own? How would we grow or expand our thoughts? The short answer is that we wouldn’t.

I don’t think that most people naturally seek out opposing views. Because that causes conflict on some level. And most people, at least the people that I know, avoid conflict at all costs. I think that’s human nature. But conflict is a good thing. We grow as humans during times of conflict. In fact, we would be much further behind without conflict.

I heard a quote a while back that said “the most successful people are those that have the most uncomfortable conversations.” And I thought about that in my own life and I can fully attest to that- I’ve grown more personally and professionally when I have sought out the uncomfortable conversations. Whether it has been in a relationship, in business, whatever, the forward motion is enhanced when I’ve gone out of my comfort zone. And for those moments I’m very thankful.

Think about the moments in your life that have pushed you forward. I bet they didn’t come from the easy times.

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