I’m a firm believer in a low-carb, ketogenic-ish diet. For me, cutting out sugars and starches and keeping my carb intake to a minimum makes me feel lighter, helps me to think better and increases my productivity. I simply feel less sluggish. But sometimes things can be a little harder to come by on the fly, and one thing that has previously taken a bit more time are eggs. But not anymore.

Did you know that you can cook perfectly scrambled eggs in the microwave? I found out this little gem of a secret not too long ago and, as I’ve told more folks about it, people recommended to me to write a little piece on the process because so many folks didn’t know that this could be done so easily. And you don’t need to buy anything new for your kitchen! Here’s my process, and it’s super simple.

Grab a microwave-safe bowl and crack 3 eggs into it. I use cage-free, organically raised eggs from Rainbow Blossom when I can but any ol’ eggs will do in a pinch. To keep it simple and quick, I sprinkle dried onion, salt and pepper and add just a splash of half & half. Mix it with a fork to a normal, scrambled-egg consistency.

Now pop the bowl in the microwave for 1 minute. Stir at the end of the minute. You’ll need to scoop the egg off the side and mix it well together with your fork. Now pop it back in the microwave for another minute, but don’t walk away. After about 30 seconds, pause it and stir again. Replace and finish out the minute. Now stir and let sit for 1 minute. That’s it! Enjoy your perfectly prepared scrambled eggs!

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