I recorded a podcast tonight with a friend and business owner, Turner Mayton, and afterward, we were chatting about what was going on and things we want to do, and we kind of reminisced about how we met. You see, Turner is one-half of The Print Dudes, a local screen printer that does some amazing work putting messages, logos, and art on all types of apparel. And when we first kicked off this whole Yes Louisville thing over a year ago, we were initially focused on putting out some hot Louisville-themed clothing. So Turner reached out to me to get some of our business.

When we met we did the normal chit chat about pricing, quantities, and the run of the mill stuff. But then we started talking about our visions of what we wanted to do to help make a bigger impact. I shared my blog and podcast idea which you’re (thankfully) reading as we speak, and he talked about this cool project he was going to begin called Starting With Lou. His idea really struck me- it was something that our city really needed. And Instagram was the perfect platform to give it a voice. 

The idea was simple- highlight an individual every day and, in a paragraph or two, tell their condensed story. Social media is something that is so powerful and it can shine a light on so many things that need attention. And right here in Louisville, we have a growing populous of voiceless people. Folks that just want to be heard. Folks that maybe need a helping hand. Folks that symbolize the underlying issues that plague our city, from drugs to homelessness to hunger. 

So Turner started traveling around the city, meeting people from all walks of life, snapping their pictures, and listening to them tell their story. Right now Starting With Lou is on day 305 (as of May 1). During these sessions, Turner has, many times, been a listening ear for people who may not have someone to listen to them on a regular basis. Everybody wants to be heard, and everyone has a story. More often than not, those stories that haven’t been told to too many people are some of the best and most heart-wrenching. Turner has heard them all. In talking with them, it has given him a realization of so much that we take for granted in our daily lives. 

Circle back to what started this blog post- as we chatted tonight and talked about where we were a year ago, we can see that we’ve moved the needle of our lives a bit more to the right. We have made progress. And it didn’t happen by accident. It happened because we decided to take action. And you can take action, too. Those ideas that you have about a side hustle? Make them real and start earning that money. Make that film. Start that podcast. Whatever it is- DO IT. Because, at the end of the day, ideas are shit without execution (thanks Gary Vee). And while I, by no means, have ‘arrived’ as it were, I know that I took action and built something. It’s a work in progress. You can build something too. There is no better time to start than now.

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