When I used to road-race motorcycles, everyone was always trying to the same thing- go around the track the fastest. It was a super fun sport because while it was always a race to beat other people, at its core it was really about learning from the other people and bettering yourself. I learned so many lessons about life from those years at the racetrack, but there are a few that have stuck with me and have really formed much of my truths.

Be Patient

When racing, the folks who would try to rush things would end up in the grass but the people who were patient and waited for the right moment would come out victorious. That doesn’t mean that you can bide your time forever. You have to be aware enough to recognize when those moments come and be willing to take the action necessary. But actions done at the wrong time are wasted. Timing is hugely important, and patience is underrated by most everyone.

Ride Clean

It’s imperative that every pass you make be done cleanly. This reassures you that it has been done the right way and that you are deserving of the outcome. When you play dirty, take cheap shots to cut corners, not only does that stuff come back to bite you in the end, but psychologically you know that what you did wasn’t right, and the guilt from negative actions will grow and fester and come out in other ways. It’s not worth it. 

Slower Is Smoother And Smoother Is Faster

The best compliment a fellow racer could give another is saying that they are smooth. And more often than not, the smooth rider was the faster rider. But many times it takes slowing down to become smooth before you can speed up and become fast. Life and business are the same. If you are rushing into every perceived opportunity you appear flighty and non-committal. You must slow down, take stock of every situation, and weigh the pros and cons to determine what you want to put your efforts in to.

Consistency Is Key

The people who win races are the ones that train regularly, eat well regularly, keep their equipment in shape regularly. Races, like life, are won in the days, weeks, months and years between the ‘events’. When you reach the starting line, go in for the big meeting, or make the deal, the work has already been done. That’s why it’s so important to truly enjoy the process. Becuase the actual moments of ‘success’ (at least success the way the world sees it) are so short lived. It’s what you do consistently that makes you who you are.

Everything Is 10% What Happens To You And 90% How You Respond

Life is full of challenges- you could say that life in itself is a struggle. This is especially true once you realize the fragility of life. Do know what separates the truly successful people from the strugglers? It’s not that they face fewer challenges in life- generally, it’s quite the opposite in fact. Most successful people have faced more than their ‘fair share’ of struggles and challenges. But the fact that they rose to success shows that their attitude and how they responded to those challenges was different. They chose not to see the challenges as roadblocks or stopping points. They chose not to see those challenges negatives. Instead, they responded to what was put in front of them as simply part of the process and moved on, not putting more effort into it than was necessary. 


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