Friday nights in Louisville can mean absolutely anything. Baseball games, soccer matches, art openings, fine dining, dancing at the club, walking through the park. Louisville really is a place that you can have event-paralysis if you let it, simply because there is so much going on. And we’ve been having a hard time finding a great way to find the great events in the noise of it all, and this can be overwhelming for even the best of us. 

Fear not, fellow citizens, for there are tools on the horizon that will help you not only weed through the maze of ‘what-to-do’ but identify the things you should be doing, both to make yourself better and, hopefully, make the city as a whole better. And we’re extremely happy, thankful, grateful, and humbled to announce the upcoming rebrand of Yes Louisville. We’ve been working behind the scenes with Mark Palmer and his team at Makespace! to craft a custom destination where we can showcase our vision of what our little positive content company can be. 

I’m going to be taking the next few weeks to tease out the foundation of what we’re building upon and I’m going to kick it off today with the core values of Yes Louisville. These are what we believe and what we hold near and dear to our hearts. They are comprised of 5 key components- Mindfulness, Collective Strength, Curiosity, Inclusion, and Positivity. Lets break them down.


We are accepting of ourselves and the people of Louisville without judgment. We are focused on our sense of place and are in-tune with what we’re sensing in the present moment – rather than stuck rehashing the past – in order to envision and create a better future. We maintain a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, body and surrounding environment.

Collective Strength

Building the right environment to energize people and generate action takes encouragement, foresight and, most of all, strength. We strive to support the mind, body and communal health of our city, and that means we will use our collective strength to overcome challenges and obstacles together.


The best conversations start with great questions. Our curiosity about our city and its people is the driving force behind Our curiosity pushes us to look behind the curtain, take a different path and dig a little deeper to discover something unique about Louisville and ourselves.


A diverse community provides the variety of ideas and insights that provoke thought and engender change. We must be open-minded and willing to introduce new perspectives for discussion and engagement. We welcome all individuals with the understanding that the needs of a community are brought about and met through the contributions of all types of people, and we are excited by the opportunity to be a conduit for both personal and social betterment.


Positivity leads us to believe that change is possible, goodness surrounds us and what we are inspired to do is achievable. We are a gold mine of positive affirmations and information with the intention to move our community forward through mindfulness and curiosity. Creating a positive environment that encourages exploration and growth within ourselves and our city is a cornerstone of

Bookmark this page, subscribe, follow us on Facebook and check back often. I’ll be coming out with more information about our new site and look and content over the coming weeks, along with more authors and contributors with inspiring and thought provoking content to help everyone do this thing called life a little better and more fun. 

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