This week has been filled with ups and downs. The miles in between my kids and I are 867 and every moment of every day, they are in my heart. I’ve talked before about the importance of roots and foundation. It’s times like these that that foundation was laid for this very reason. That doesn’t make it easier but it does allow everyone to embrace the situation and see the beauty of it.

This week we celebrated our nation’s birthday. Freedom. I always seem to chuckle at God’s humor about July 4th because it’s the day my oldest was born and in theory, I lost my independence. So began the sleepless nights followed by staring at the wonder and beauty of this little bean who sleeps like an angel. As I was dropping the kids off for this trip,  I noticed her hair hit her shoulders just a bit lower which changed how it framed her face. My God, she would be 9 in a few days and I was looking at a young girl rapidly becoming a young woman. Where has time gone? I enjoy travel as it gives me time to hear the narration of life, that ever present journey and reminder we are always at every given time moving forward. Time will press on and the humming of the engines remind me of that. I look back at the long road our life has taken us on and it still feels like a blink, a breath and suddenly I’m here. I’m here looking at my daughter saying goodbye and realizing I have maybe 8 more summers with her, and then she will be off. In this moment time escapes quicker and suddenly we are all heading in different directions.

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As I sit here in my hotel room this morning, my coffee in a styrofoam cup and possibly the worst cup of joe ever, it somehow dances with the continuous muffle of the air conditioning unit which seems to rattle with a vibration every few minutes… I’m filled with a joy. There is a melodious tune to life, a story which is being written in everything we do. These details are what makes the story come alive.

My life is not perfect, I miss my kids, but life is a journey and it’s these wonderful moments that we allow ourselves to feel the beauty of the path we are on. I may not have 8 summers with my daughter, God willing, it’s nice to hope for those summers to exist but realize today is a gift. Every day IS the day, your day, life’s day… and we are not guaranteed tomorrow.

So with that my friends I encourage you to do something unscripted to embrace your life with those you love. Make wishes off stars together, practice living life as the person you needed when you were a kid. Lay on the grass and watch the time fly above and know that you are loved.

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