As we go about our path in life, do you ever pay attention to those small course corrections along the way? I know you have read about  how small degrees of being off course can cause major challenges later. The analogy goes like this; an airplane just one degree off course becomes 92 feet off it’s heading for every mile that it travels. This is putting into play the Rule of One in Sixty. Each degree of variance in heading will result in being one mile off for each 60 miles out. If you think about it, a small course correction can save you, but the longer you wait, the larger of a course correction you will need to make. But this analogy only talks to the diligence of making sure you are on the right path, to me, who always asks “why” there is more to it.

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If you are heading down the road in your car, no matter how balanced your tires are, you have to keep your hands on the steering wheel, why? Because their are outside influences on the car, the road itself has variations that will turn you, the wind can be so hard at times you can actually feel it pushing you out of your lane, many different outside influences can cause small degrees of change in a direction that then have to have a correction. So paying attention, (not texting while you drive, hands on the steering wheel) and making these course corrections are imperative. But there is still more to it!

Some of those outside influences are meant to save you, or to help you on your way, to make things more efficient. The way a road is banked is to help you maintain speed while turning, also the paved road itself is there to allow you to travel with out the rocky ground under you causing a turbulent ride.  Think of advice and outside influence of your advisors like this as well.  Life is hard, it is work, it takes many many course corrections along the way because of terrain of life, and beyond the terrain, there are outside influences that are looking to knock you more off of course, but then there are outside influences that are there to make your journey more smooth and pleasant.

I think we forget and take the pavement for granted when we are on a road trip, but think about all the forethought and expense that went into building the road to make your trip easier. Also in your journey in dealing with people, think about the rules of etiquette and manners as some of the pavement that helps you navigate an otherwise rocky terrain. These are outside influences that are there to help us make fewer course corrections, to make our journey less exhausting from all diligence put into navigation, we just need to stay on the road. We keep the rules of kindness and treating others with respect, we stay on the road to better relationships.

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