Finn’s Southern Fried Kitchen played host to a fitness fashion show on June 29th. The comfortable, yet stylish looks were modeled by popular icons in the fitness world, including Louisville’s own The Southern Yogi. With over 50 people in attendance, Finn’s was packed with fashion and fitness lovers alike.

The night started off with a frozen bourbon cocktail topped with a cherry. The host of the evening, Miranda Popp, began by naming each of the companies that would be represented, of which included Patti G’s Tennis Plus, Modern Elegance, and B. YOU, as well as thanking their gracious sponsor, Infinium Spirits. She was decked out in one of the company’s outfits—a bright, plaited tennis skirt and white top.

Miranda Popp/Photo by Erin Coffee Miranda Popp/Photo by Erin Coffee

Following that, she revealed the true reason for the fashion show, and why employees were handing out raffle tickets to those who purchased them. The proceeds for the tickets were going to support a local charity dedicated to helping children suffering from cystic fibrosis: Cure CF, Inc. One of the children that would benefit from the donations, a sweet, four-year-old girl named Alex, ended up participating in the fashion show and stealing the hearts of the crowd.

“It’s a party with a purpose,” Popp said.

The atmosphere was one of anticipation as each new style was presented. The fitness models showed off each of the unique outfits, from open-backed tops to laced-up yoga pants. The models interacted with the crowd and maintained a casual environment. There was a steady hum of conversation mixed with upbeat music throughout the night. Raffle tickets were pulled during the show and excited winners went home with jewelry and other prizes.

“You can take these outfits from the studio to the streets and from the court to the carpool.”  Popp kept the enthusiasm alive by describing the outfits and keeping the audience engaged while models showcased their styles.

For the appetizer, Finn’s presented attendees with their special fried green tomatoes. Each of the dishes were prepared with locally-sourced ingredients, and brought the heart of the south to the event. The main course included a salad with fresh salmon, with tasty pie and ice cream for dessert.

The location for Finn’s originally started out as part of the Louisville Cotton Mill and was listed on the national register. While the rest of the mill was converted into the Germantown Mill Lofts, the building opened as a restaurant on May 3, 2016. The building’s design is inspired by Art Deco and was transformed into the charming southern restaurant it is today by Maria Clark Interiors.

To donate to Cure CF, Inc., you can visit their Facebook page:

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