So, I’m an occasional traveler aspiring to be a world traveler and really just resumed flying again last year after a hiatus. However, until recently, luggage issues seemed to be a…. non-issue.

I had a lovely set of red (go figure, my color) luggage that my family bought me as a Christmas gift. When my brother suggested we go on a trip for his birthday last year, I packed my newish bags and got on a plane.

Imagine my surprise when I got to Vancouver and discovered that the plastic shell inside had broken into many tiny pieces. I prayed, HOPED they would make the trip back, and they did.. barely. Another short notice (less than 30 days) adventure, this one back to San Francisco to see family and friends. I bought a 22 Inch bag with wheels from an upscale consignment store that my awesome FB friend, a chef, told me about and plastered it with Louisville-Centric stickers to make finding it easier. I brought my vintage,1950s, red Samsonite- now plastered with Squallis Puppeteers and Yes Louisville stickers- with me.

My brother kindly met me at the airport and waited at baggage claim for my two checked bags. The first piece- spotted and pulled off of the carousel within minutes. The second piece takes longer. Jeff spots it first, at the beginning of the carousel, open with my clothes and items partially visible. Jeff carefully removes it from the carousel and we both try to close it without exposing its holdings to anyone walking by.

Obviously, I will need a new piece of luggage for the trip back.

My father and stepmother hear of the busted luggage and give me a new suitcase ( 22 inches, usable for carry-on), and my dad, a 30-year airline veteran, notes that it’s the same brand and model that flight attendants and pilots use. I thank them and figure I’m golden and now have two good pieces of luggage for my next adventure.

My friend picks me up from Louisville Airport, and, as he thoughtfully carries the newly gifted luggage into my apt for me, the handle falls off.


Is there Laura proof luggage out there?

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