Tips and tricks to avoid eating
the same thing every day!

You spend all that work on Sunday preparing and planning your meals for the week ahead.  But chowing down on the same meal every day can lead to major burnout—or worse, pizza delivery and takeout.  So how can you prep for the week while also keeping things fresh and delicious? Here are a few tricks and tips I use to keep things staying tasty and on track for the week.
Varying up the meats you’ll use helps add variety to your meals. Don’t limit yourself to only chicken for the week. Buy chicken, fish, and turkey or any meats that you like.  You can grill, roast or bake that chicken, salmon, and steak at the same time. It’s no additional time or effort and it gives you options for the week.
Whatever you’ve prepped, don’t eat it twice in the same day—even if it’s in different forms.  If you have chicken tacos and then a chicken salad later on, you could still burn out on chicken. Since you’ve still got the rest of the week to go, alternate your meals by meat options.  I also recommend switching up the meals you eat.  Don’t eat the same chicken taco every day for lunch and grilled salmon every day for dinner. Switch it up and try chicken salad for lunch on Monday but have salmon and veggies on Tuesday. Kill the monotony.

Though you’ll have your meat prepped for the week, you can keep things fresh my making side dishes on the spot. For example, a sweet potato only takes about six minutes to cook in the microwave, so you can easily add that as a side. You can also buy some single-serve instant brown rice packs, or steam-able frozen veggies to heat up quickly and toss with your meal.  Cauliflower rice is a favorite of mine.  There are so many different seasonings and flavors you can add to it, to change the taste and make it feel fresh and new each time. It also is a very quick side item to prep. Leaving your side dishes to prep right before you eat leaves room for spontaneity, which will make your taste buds happy. Pinterest cauliflower rice recipes for ideas.

If you prep all your meats and veggies and divide them into a container for each meal, you end up eating the same thing all week. Instead, store them by type of food—one container for chicken, one for asparagus, one for chopped onions. I do this every week.  It lets me choose my meat and veggie per meal, and satisfy what craving I am having at that time.   This makes it very easy to mix and match your meats and veggies.


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