People go through all sorts of things in their lives, and as much as we want all experiences to be good and positive, the reality is that sometimes people feel pain. It could be from a bad breakup, an issue in their job or maybe they made a mistake and are having feelings from their actions. Here are 3 ways you can show emotional support when someone is in emotional pain.

1. Listen

We all want to give answers when someone brings us a problem, but that’s not always the best way to support someone. Sometimes we just need to be listeners and show support by hearing about someone’s problems or struggles. People may not be ready to hear about a solution.

2. Don’t Judge

People go through things differently. We always need to be aware of the fact that just because someone does something in a different manner than you would, that doesn’t mean that it is wrong. This goes along with simply listening to someone’s problems.

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3. Simply Be There

Support doesn’t always mean offering advice. Actions really speak louder than words. Sometimes it is simply your presence that is what is needed. Think about how your presence or a simple hug can be all that someone needs to get to the next step in dealing with their problem.

Be patient with your friend or loved one. They may not know themselves what they need, and it could be your job just to be present during this scenario.

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