February is the month of love, everybody knows that, right? 😉 It is full of sweets, warmth, and gestures to show the ones you love your appreciation…and sometimes show others you are not so close with some appreciation too. There are so many ways you can spread love every day that may not even cross your mind. Simple, easy, and can most definitely make someone’s day…in fact it can even start a chain reaction of love around the world.

1. Pay it forward coffee

Everyone is a sucker for coffee. When grabbing your next cup, simply tell the barista when checking out that you would like to pay for the drink for the next person in line.  In most cases, this gracious gesture will catch the next guest by surprise and there is a good chance that they will buy the next persons drink, and so on….so start the trend today!

2. Compliment a stranger

Have you ever received a compliment from a complete stranger?  It makes your entire day and can make your current mood do a 360.  So, I encourage you to compliment a stranger AT LEAST once a day…whether you tell them that you love their shirt, purse, hair, smile, etc., I can promise you a day will be made.  What is better than easily making someone’s day?  Answer is…n o t h i n g.

3. Write cards of appreciation to your loved ones

When is the last time you truly told your family members, significant other, and/or best friends how much they mean to you?  Probably too long ago. So grab some paper and pen and simply write out how appreciative and grateful you are for them.  Mail them, hand deliver them, whatever, and watch the reaction of not only how good you feel about reassuring your loved ones, but receiving back so much genuine appreciation for the ones who mean most.  GO- start writing now!

4. Let someone into your lane while driving

This may seem like a silly way to spread love, but it is as easy as letting a car into your lane while driving.  This is probably the easiest way to spread positive vibes this month because it is just so dang simple! You truly never know what is going on with the person driving in the car next you. Maybe they are in a rush, having a tough time or rushing to an interview. Whatever the reason may be, the relief of being let into a lane you need to be in during traffic is truly incomparable. Am I right? Life’s too short to be so prideful. Just let them in.

5. Bring in sweets to your job

Sweets are an absolute day maker.  Having a bad day? Eat a cookie.  Nothing going your way? Eat a piece of cake.  Feeling like everyone is against you?  Eat that brownie.  Regardless of the reason that has your day in the dumps, there is no way a sweet cannot make you smile.  Therefore, one empty evening plan to whip up a yummy dessert to bring into work the following day.  The smiles, thanks, and all the in between you will receive will make the atmosphere and day better for all parties involved.  And let’s be honestwho doesn’t love sweets?!

Simple, yet SO WORTH IT. Love is a beautiful thing, and so easy to spread…and what better way to start than in the month of love?! Be the loving change and day maker everybody needs…Happy February!

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