I came across Amanda Melcher-Magee via her Instagram feed @FrugalFitFashionista and a post that she made where she stated that she and her husband had paid down over $150k in debt in three years really got my attention. After a little looking around on her page, I quickly realized that we had gone to high school together. After asking her to do this podcast she was super excited to share some of her tips for living debt free, and those tips are super do-able and applicable to nearly everyone.

She is a self-proclaimed “reformed shopper” and says that “shopping is like an opiate”. I had never really thought about it that way, but shopping is really like a distraction from our problems for a lot of people. And it is seriously addictive. Have a listen to this podcast for some great tips on paying down debt, living debt-free and increasing the overall happiness in your life.

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Amanda recommends several books to get started on living a debt free life. Check them out below:

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