I met Mo just after we started this crazy Yes Louisville project. Her store, Revelry Gallery, was the first retailer that I had asked to sell our shirts. She said yes. That gave me some hope that maybe we were doing something right. It also showed me who she is. A risk taker. A leader.

Her shop, Revelry Boutique Gallery, is a showcase of great Louisville art and a place where people can make their creations available for purchase in a cool, comfortable and friendly environment. They have shows and events that highlight the artists and creators and put them on a stage. It didn’t happen overnight- it took years of work and love and effort but the result is a landmark of our community. I’m thankful that we have people like Mo to help lead the way and expand the idea of what’s possible.

Listen to the #502LeaderSeries podcast and hear how Mo McKnight Howe got her start as an artist, a business owner and so much more!

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