We at Yes Louisville are all writing articles about what we are thankful for in 2018. I decided to make a list since I had quite a bit to be thankful for….

Emily, My wife, best friend, and person who has to deal with me and my farts the most.

what a babe

My Dad, who was taken too soon, I’m grateful for the time we got to spend together.

My Mom, who is always proud of me and everything I’ve accomplished.

My Sister, who was my first friend growing up

My obnoxiously cute dog Fenway. Even when you pull a muscle in your tail from wagging too hard.

Fenway being cute

Jason Mudd for giving me a job after my other job decided it would be cool to close the market.

Tanya Hahn for teaching me the ways of Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, and for teaching me sweet nunchuck skills


shhhhhh they’re sleeping

My awesome Mother-In-Law who enjoys bourbon as much as I do

My kick-ass father-in-law who has some amazing dad jokes

My great in-laws

Ben Terry and his team at Creative Mornings for creating a fun atmosphere for the creatives in Louisville

Seeing the last Van’s Warped Tour this year with some great friends

We’ve been doing warped tour for the last 8 years

Brian Eichenberger for being a great role model and always texting me about new songs and concert tours.

Getting to see Five Iron Frenzy in concert and meeting Reese Roper with Brian Eichenberger (8th grade Charles would have $h*t his pants)

Myself, Brian Eichenberger, and Reese Roper

My amazing co-worker and now good friend Lori

Being next at Qdoba

The World Series Champions the Boston Red Soxs

Baseball is super serious in our house

Finding Bonus Money in coat pockets from last year

Parallel Parking on the first try

Being able to capture wonderful memories with my camera

Anyone who hired me to take photos for them!

J.C. Phelps, my desk neighbor who always makes me laugh when he comes into the office.

Rose Crombie who I can quote The Office with all day at work

My friend and trainer Brandon Howard who is helping me drop some lbs. (currently down 15lbs)

Going to Harry Potter world with Emily and my best friends Robert and Abby

Yer a Wizard Charles!

My Church

My best friend Robert who plays fortnite with me even though I suck


My friends and former bandmates Cody, Nate, and Jared.

Nate and Cody, not pictured is Jared’s beautiful face

Being able to call Stacie Hewitt and vent to her about life and work

Any day when I don’t have to set an alarm

My cozy house

The Shaners for being a second family to me.

Diet Coke from McDonalds

When no one is at the gym and I don’t have to wait for a machine

Turning 29

Being able to make and play music

Seeing Manchester Orchestra this year at Mercury Ballroom

Taco Tuesday

A freshly baked cookie from Please and Thank You

nom nom nom nom

No traffic on my morning commute

Michael Shaner for being the greatest friend

The Mellow Beats playlist on Spotify

Louisville, this city is amazing

When I pick up my phone after I’ve drop it and it’s not cracked

Being an extra in a music video for Light Treasons

Thank you Light Treasons for allowing me to grace your video

My amazing extended family in Chicago

Having exact change for a purchase

The Internet…sometimes

Working for a company that is making positive change in our city

Jamming to music in my car #TurnDownForWhat

Sitting on my back porch listening to it rain

Donuts from Nords

Nord's Bakery, Top 7

My ability to grow a luscious beard

A good snowstorm

Lazy Weekends

A clean house

Amazing Double dates with Kaylee and James

We getting our bourbon on

That I’m not a turkey

Not working retail anymore

Hanging out with Robert, Abby, Nate, Stacie, and Emily at Barret Bar

That cheese dip from Barret Bar

Sunday afternoon naps during football games

That The Office is still on Netflix

A great night sleep

Amazon Prime

My iPhone X

My awesome sister-in law who has been accepted into the OTA program at JCTC

Being able to send dumb and funny memes to my oldest friend Gus


When I don’t have any left over socks after doing laundry.

91.9 WFPK for playing some amazing music

Google Maps for being the best

True That

Growing up with a fantastic grandmother

she was hilarious

Wondering around Target with my wife

You for reading this article and supporting Yes Louisville!

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