Cue “Out Of The Box” introduction theme song, anyone else with me?!

Okay, but seriously, thinking and deciding to live outside of the box will lead you to the life of YOURS. No one else’s, but yours. Not listening to the other voices, not listening to society at all costs, not letting your fears stand in the way of your goals and dreams and passion, this is in other words,

f r e e d o m.

Life can have its hardships, but this shall not define you if you do not let it. The power of being in charge of your life is incredible, and if your bold in living the life with your name stitched on it, than being different than others should strike you as a good thing.

I find that the times in which I chose to be strong in myself, my thoughts, my decisions, my life I am happiest. To be honest, a circle is cooler than a box. Decide to live your life outside of the box. No guidelines, restrictions, hesitations, judgement, just YOU.

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