In this series, Talia Piccini takes us through the alphabet to define our generation’s take on what it means to be an adult. Or something like that.

In college & high school we get told by every “grown-up” in sight to use all prevention methods possible to avoid having kids.  Wait, they say.  Live your life.  Seize every moment!

Then you graduate college, get a job, are suddenly also a “grown-up” & procreation becomes the expectation.

If you’re single, everyone asks you when you’re going to get married so you can have kids. If you’re married, everyone asks why you haven’t started a family. If you have kids everyone asks when you’re going to have more. If you stay single long enough people start to tell you that your parts are going to stop working soon & then remind you that if that happens you can always adopt.

But let’s be honest, it’s challenging enough keeping ourselves fed & sheltered as “adults” so why the pressure to add other lives to the mix?

The answer is simple. Societal timelines & expectations.

I say, shake them off & live your life on your terms.  If you never have kids, that’s okay. If you have a bunch, that’s okay. If you’re an awesome aunt/uncle who partially parents a ton of cool kiddos in your life…that’s badass, too. Hell, just have a ton of cats or birds if you want. No judgment here.

DO YOU & OWN IT…because that’s what it really means to be an adult.

P.S. – Foster care & adoption are AWESOME ways to give kids who already exist a family…if you’re ready to be a good parent. And never accidentally shame someone who might want kids but isn’t able to traditionally. That’s not cool.

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