Roses are red. Violets are blue. Adulting is weird, & dating is, too.

Gone are the days of noticing someone across the way at a coffee shop, approaching to say they have a nice smile & then asking to buy them a cup sometime. Yes, that used to happen. Haven’t you heard of a “meet cute”?

These days we’re expected to generate connections by way of any number of dating apps. Apparently, all you need to find love is a quick thumb. Swiping is the new smile & you’re asked for everything but your blood type for the profile when you sign up. The more you give the algorithm, the closer you are to happily ever after. 

Even though I do believe there are plenty of fish out there, I’m still not sold on my coffee meeting a bagel in cyberspace. 

Tinder as it may be, this subject stirs people into a bit of a bumble. Some are 100% into the online dating scene & love the endless stream of drinks & lunches in the quest for someone to snuggle. Others just wish their match would grinder up some gumption to say hello in real life. 

Regardless of your preference, if you’re interested in love, be it short term, long term, or something more casual (Just don’t become a public health concern, ok cupid?) there’s plenty of potential for some harmony (e or otherwise) in your future.

So, be yourself. Enjoy each day. Stay open. You never know what could be in store. And remember, you don’t need a significant other to have a great life.

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