Hey there everyone, it is Rose here again.  I am so happy it is the greatest time of the year again, and man oh man did this year fly by? Time just keeps going by faster and faster I swear. This time of year is so loving and always feels magical, at least for me it does anyway LOL.  However, with the holiday season comes lots of gifts and presents, which AKA means lots of money to be spent.  It is super stressful, especially in the college years, when you feel grown and responsible enough for well thought out gifts…but you are flat out “ballin’ on a budget”.

Have no fear, I am here to ensure you that if you think it out well enough, there is hope that the best gifts will be given, and not hurt your wallet in the process.  Basically, I am going to try to help alleviate some of that unneeded holiday stress by giving you some tips and ideas on gift giving while on a budget.

It is rather simple, but the number one thing is to make sure that you do not procrastinate when planning when and what you are going to give to each person on your gift list. By being able to plan it out and give yourself ample amount of time to get the job done, you will have no problem getting that perfect gift in the hands of your loved one.  If you are going to hand make your gift, you will need time to plan, buy the products, create, and then finalize it! I love doing DIY gifts, and what I love even more is receiving them.  This option is an easy, affordable and beyond thoughtful gift. It means so much to people to receive a gift of value, effort, and one that is extremely thought out!

To get my ideas started, I start by making a list of all the people I need to gift and begin to generically fill out things I could buy or get for them.  From there, I will begin to think more creatively by surfing the web with little words I find relatable to my idea of what to do, make, or get for them! Also, apps like Pinterest help to get the creative juices flowing LOL. Really though, take the time to check it out because so many of my ideas have stemmed or entirely came from the Internet.

From there, it is just a matter of getting it done and finding the time on your planner to map out when to do/get each gift.  The holiday season is so rich and full of life, and I wish for each and everyone of you to be relieved of the stress that comes with this time of year.  Use these simple yet very effective, useful tips and advice to kill the game for your holiday gifts.

Happy Holidays everybody, xo!

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