Kidney disease is something that millions of people have to deal with every day. You probably know someone who has to deal with dialysis on a regular basis and it is such a drain on a person, and severely limits what an individual can do with their lives. Many things can lead to having kidney problems, some of which are poor choices and some of which are out of anyone’s control. But there is hope for people living with these issues! Kidney transplants are a very viable solution, and while lots of donor kidneys come from people who elect to become organ donors when they pass on, people can also become a living donor and give up one of their kidneys to someone in need. It is the ultimate gift and it is something that can change a persons life in so many ways.

With that, I’d like to introduce you to Laura Clark. She is giving up her kidney to someone that she doesn’t even know so that they can have a better life, and it is an amazing thing. But through this, it will cause her some financial pain as she will have to recover from the surgery. So we’re sharing her story. Below is an excerpt from the GoFundMe page set up by her sister, Shell Talley. Please check it out and if you can help, it would be incredible. You can check out the GoFundMe page directly by clicking this link. Please share this with your friends!

“Meet my sister, Laura. A girl who has a heart of gold and if she could would adopt every single animal on the planet! And if she were able to help anyone going through a rough time, she definitely would! She is by far one of the most generous people I know. But since she can’t clone herself and be everywhere in the world at once, she is putting her generosity to work & is helping someone here locally by donating her kidney! It’s a friend of a friend of mine, (whom she’s never met), a 39 year old guy who has young children who’s kidney function declined in less than a month after being told that the dr’s were just going to watch his kidney function via blood work and other tests. She decided to start the testing to see if she could help and she is a great match for him! Laura will be able to take a leave of absence from work but would need help covering her living expenses, as she is expected to be off work for up to 6 weeks after surgery. So any help y’all can give would be greatly appreciated. Show my sister some love for doing something so selfless for helping someone else!”

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