I have a challenge for you: be better.

We hear this all the time, whether from ourselves or from ads telling us to get fitter, healthier, richer, or whatever they might be selling. I want to challenge you to do this in a different way.

Forget yourself.

We love to let ourselves down. We find it easy to make excuses to not do things we’ve previously committed to when it only affects us. We become professionals at accepting disappointment when we are the only ones who know or feel it. We justify the letdown. I was tired. I worked a lot. I wasn’t feeling great. It wasn’t the right time. I wasn’t ready.

All that changes when we become motivated by others—motivated to change the world.

I want you to be better for the world.

Broad statement, Mandi. I get it. It sounds big and sounds kind of silly, but I am one hundred percent serious. If we do not start within ourselves, we cannot affect change in the world, whether that be in our family, our community, our city, or within the greater global society.

We must dedicate ourselves to becoming the best version of ourselves in order to share what we have found and learned. The better we are, the more we can help others. We begin to discover our “why,” our core truth motivator, our cause worth fighting for.

Those who are improving themselves to better the world look different and act differently. There is no foundation of selfishness in their actions. They want to create a legacy. They want to be remembered for helping. They want to be known for their contributions. They want to make the world a better place.

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This challenge doesn’t have to start out as a giant leap. Start small. Take baby steps. Open the door for someone. Smile. Buy someone’s coffee. Have a genuine conversation with a stranger. It starts with positivity and a willingness to learn and grow. Motivate yourself to learn because you can share the knowledge you’ve acquired. Grow your business to support and give back to your community. Cheer up a neighbor to change the outlook of their day.

So today, I challenge you to be better, and not for yourself. I challenge you to be better for the world.

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