“The universe doesn’t give you what you ask for with your thoughts, it gives you what you demand with you actions.”

– Dr. Steve Maroboli

The other night, I attended a charity benefit for the Jamon Brown Foundation. As is typical with these types of events, there was a silent auction. Various items were on tables around the room to be bid on – these were mostly sports related.

I don’t do sports.

I’m a fancy girl. I have been all my life. I love dressing all the way up. I do makeup, and hair, and clothes, and jewelry – not sports.

I admit, I surveyed the tables out of obligation. I certainly did not intend to find any item that could be useful to me. As I passed by, in my stiletto heels, with a glass of Pinot Grigio in my hand, a large, red golf bag tripped me up. Literally.

This caught my attention.

Not only is red my color, but I have been telling myself for YEARS, for many personal reasons, that I would learn to golf. In fact, this New Year, I made it a goal to do so. In that moment of catching my footing, my resolution came to mind, and I wrote my name and bid amount on the paper.

Another thing I don’t do: I don’t win things.

But I won that big, red golf bag.

To most, it may not seem like much to win a big, red golf bag in a silent auction at a charity event, but to me it was an omen of sorts. It was a confirmation that I will be supported by the universe when I step outside of my comfort zone, and take responsibility for my intentions with action.

Because action is the difference between living a life full of intentions, and living an intentional life.

A life full of intentions is the one where we set goals, and make resolutions, or have beautiful dreams of the life we want to live. But the life we are currently living gets in the way, and we never do anything about it. And in the end, all we have are those beautiful dreams.

Living an intentional life is deliberate. Something done intentionally is, by definition, done on purpose. Living an intentional life is making conscious choices that bring ourselves closer to our goals, and beautiful dreams.

We can all create the life we want for ourselves. We can have the relationships we want, the career we want, the experiences we want, the social life we want, the skills we want, even the temperament we want. But we have to be willing to say yes. Say yes to new experiences, new places, new things – anything that gets us closer to our vision!

In other words: Bid on the big, red golf bag.

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