I’m a pretty positive guy. People tell me that quite a bit. And I appreciate that it is noticed because it is intentional. With that said, I’m also human, so if we’ve had some interaction that wasn’t on-brand I will own my mistake. But pretty much always I find that little speck of light that is shining through in every situation.

It’s all good.

I have read lots of books on mindfulness, positivity, productivity, spirituality, life, and processes, and there is a consistent theme that I found, repeated by multiple successful humans. It’s so simple that most of us are oblivious to it. And it basically comes down to this: don’t speak of that which you do not wish to happen.

How crazy simple is that? Isn’t it funny how there are things in your life that have happened, negative things, which may have been super simple, but they were worries in your head for a long time? They were something you thought about, probably never told anyone about, and quietly fretted to yourself. Then one day it happened. And in a very screwed up way, you were confirmed in your negative self-belief. 

It could be a coincidence. Could be divine. It’s all in what you believe to be the extent of the power of the mind. But one thing I do know- everything that has ever been made by a human first started out as a thought. 

You are what you eat. And think. And watch. And hear. And see.

So as we enjoy this lull week between Christmas and the new decade, it might do some good to reflect on your thoughts, and what in your life is shaping them. You might be surprised.  

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