I started teaching English online to kids and it is the best decision that I could have ever made.  Despite having other work responsibilities, not having a traditional teaching degree, and not speaking Mandarin, I now have an amazing job that I love but had never even considered.

The opportunity came up out of the blue and my first inclination was to decline.  I mean, I already have so much going on taking care of my family, making sure that my kids are living their best lives, and making it to all of their activities, I didn’t think it was feasible to take on one more thing.  But, instead, I decided to embrace it.  And, you can’t imagine how much fun it is, how rewarding it is and the cherry on top is that it is supporting my vivid dreams of traveling around the world. 

Because of this job I am planning an amazing family trip to Europe!

I ultimately made my decision because if I kept doing things the way that I had been doing them, I wouldn’t get any new results.  I wanted to have more time for vacation, so I needed to work more now so I could play more later.  I wanted something that was going to peak my interest and inspire me to achieve goals that were important to me.  This opportunity served as a reminder that as a working wife and mother, having a full and balanced life means that I still need to embrace some opportunities that are just for me. 

It is easy to forget as we hustle through life trying to make it here on time or make it there without getting a speeding ticket that life is about evolving, growing and changing for ourselves just as much as it is for our kids.  It’s always so much easier to focus on the list of reasons not to do something new and engaging than to recognize the opportunity of experiencing life with something new.

That may mean that we have to invest extra time developing a new skill, or becoming more disciplined or letting go of all the negative probabilities that stifle our growth.  Although there may be some legitimate reasons that we shouldn’t do something, more often than not, we miss out on an opportunity because we’ve told ourselves that it probably wouldn’t work out or this probably isn’t the right time or I’m probably not going to be successful anyway. 

We are never too old to form new patterns, start new careers or try new things.  I am also thrilled to say that my kids are so proud of me and excited to hear me practice my lessons.  This experience has also shown them that no matter what it is, that anything is possible and their possibilities can easily turn into probabilities with a little bit of hard work.  So, whatever it is, just remember to embrace your new possibilities, release negative probabilities and step into your opportunities.  Keep living your best life, keep striving and journey on.

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