Within the last year, essential oils have become quite popular. They have been around for years but recently I see them more and more in stores and online. They are made from distilling or extracting different parts of plants, flowers, leaves, seeds, roots, peels, etc. In ancient times, they were made by soaking the plants in oils and then filtering the oil through a linen bag. Their uses range from aromatherapy, household cleaning products, personal beauty care and natural medicine treatments.

Choosing essential oils can be difficult because there are so many brands out there. The best quality essential oils are 100% pure, organically grown, and minimally processed. Doing your research before you buy an essential oil is recommended. If an oil provider does not give detail on how they extract their oils, consider a different brand. If you plan on ingesting or using the essential oil topically, you want to choose the highest quality oil to get the most benefit.

The most common use of essential oils is aromatherapy, it has many health benefits and can be used in various settings. Essential oils have been used in the united states since the 1980s, hospitals such as Vanderbilt University are using them in the treatment of anxiety, depression, and infections in hospitalized patients. In additions to aromatherapy, essential oils can also have antibacterial or antifungal benefits used in medical settings. A wide variety of oils, when massaged on the skin, can help to heal skin conditions.

Now, you’re probably wondering which essential oils you can get these amazing benefits from. There are hundreds of oils to choose from like I said earlier make sure that you research where you are getting your oils from because you want the purest, organic oil you can get.  I will give you my top 5 favorite oils with the benefits of giving you an idea of what I used them for and what I like!

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  1. Lavender: I use this one every day, I diffuse it before bed, I rub a little on the back of my neck when I am feeling stressed, diluting some in water in a spray bottle and spraying on pillows/bedding. Great for improving mood and helping with relaxation.
  2. Peppermint: helps to support digestion, boost energy, relieve a headache, relieve muscle pain, helps soothe a sore throat. I love to combine with coconut oil and rub on a sore muscle. I put a little on the back of my neck when I have a headache. Steam with tea to soothe a sore throat.
  3. Lemon: cleanses the body, improves lymph drainage, prevents kidney stones, home cleaners. I love to put one drop of this in my water in the morning. I will also make many DIY cleaning products to clean my apartment with.
  4. Rose: reducing skin inflammation and great for overall skin health. I am a personal trainer and I love to sweat. In the past I have dealt with a lot of skin issues because of this, combining rose oil with another carrier oil has helped my skin tremendously.
  5. Sage: Relieve digestive problems, menstrual difficulties, fungal infections, stimulate the mind, helps with blemishes. I just recently picked up my first bottle of sage oil but I am already loving it. It has been great if I feel bloated or crampy. I love to diffuse it when I meditate!

Like I said earlier, there are hundreds of different essential oils around. I encourage you to do a little research of your own and find some that fit your lifestyle. They last forever and you will find that the benefits of them are incredible. From skin health to cleaning products to better sleep, I promise you can find essential oils that work for you.

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