These few days leading up to Thanksgiving made me think of days gone by and how fortunate I am.

I merely piddle on Facebook and dabble on Instagram; thus, it caught me off guard when someone requested to be my friend on Facebook this past Monday. I wondered, “Are you the guy I used to discuss books with? Did you work at this store? Do you have 2 kids? If so, how are they?” He answered all my specific questions and all of my recollections were correct. Mind you, I haven’t talked to him in maybe 7 or 8 years. We were great friends who thought, talked, and acted on being entrepreneurs. We discussed business books, ideas, and concepts. A very well-mannered young man and super talented! We were just friends; we never crossed into a relationship. Why? I’m old enough to be his mom! We just had fun talking and being friends.

These are a few of the books Danial and I discussed.

Back to Monday. We had a great conversation through Messenger on Facebook. I was so grateful to reconnect with him and so thrilled he asked to be my friend. That’s one thing about me – if you’re my friend, I work hard to not let you go! Unfortunately, he moved to another state and slipped through my fingers! Ha ha! So, I’m thankful to be starting a whole new chapter of that friendship.

On the sad side, the husband of one of my best friends from college called me today (Tuesday). He said, “it’s time to let Buck go.” Buck, of course, being their dog. I met my friends Lucie and Bert when I was 20. They’ve been in my life longer than any boyfriend. 33 years and, to say the least, my heart sank at receiving that message. I texted back, “When?” Bert responded, “Today at 3:30pm.” I asked, “If I can make it, would it be okay if I came by? Or is that weird?” Bert assured me that it was, of course, ok.

You see – Buck holds a special place in my heart. When I was lonely after ending a relationship, they dropped off Buck to keep me company. Later, after my house was burglarized, they again dropped Buck off to stay with me. So, needless to say, he was a pretty special guy to me. Which, of course, made today rough. He was loved and petted the whole time. Lucie had to step away; Bert and I stayed in the room with him. It was painless but not easy for Bert and I. He slipped into a quiet, easy sleep and – before we knew it – he was gone.

I’m thankful and grateful that I have friends that would give me their dog. A dog that would take care of me, even on short notice; each time, he greeted me with enthusiasm. I’m privileged that I got to see him leave Earth and hopeful to see him (and all my other dogs and cats) in the hereafter.

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