It is the final stretch, the final countdown, the final whatever you want to call it for so many things in life.  We are at the end of the year, literally wow, I cannot believe 2018 is almost over. Do not blink, time will fly right by you I swear.  The end of the year means so many things coming to an end, and for a lot of you that may mean finals, school, projects, etc.  This can be an overwhelming time, but yet it is such a loving and merry time as well. 

The holiday season is in full swing, and it is so important for everyone to truly soak in these times, because it is truly the most wonderful and loving time of the year.  If you dial in to get all that is needed to accomplish before your break, it will allow you to fully be present and enjoy your time away from the majority of the stresses in your life.  However, it is also very important to make sure you have planned out what the next steps are, and/or how you are going to get better in the next year to come.  

Now, this can mean many things, and ultimately it is going to vary upon each individual…well because that is what makes each of us truly unique. Therefore, there are several and an immense amount of ways to go about this challenge. It can be that you make a vision board, or it can mean that you set a goal to hit each month for the 2019 year.  It could mean getting a new planner and mapping out your year with things you want and/or wish to do. This can help clear the mind of stresses and anxieties by seeing it all on paper and mapped out per say.  Anyway that you can create an advancement towards your next year of life, is a positive step that I push you to want to take.  

Therefore, with December being as crazy and hectic as it is, I push you to not wait on this.  There is something about clearing and advancing yourself in some way, shape, or form that satisfies the mind.  For me personally, it allows me to feel accomplished and have a plan with an end in sight.  It pushes me to never settle, become complacent, and to always want and push for more.  Life goes by in the blink of an eye, so time as cheesy as it sounds is so valuable.

Soak in these times, and make the most of your life.  Finish out strong, and be proud for the rest of your life about how handled your most stressful days.  Life is truly all that you make of it.  Finding the perfect balance of work hard, play hard is the goal for the month of December. Enjoy this merry merry time of the year (of course after you kicked butt at life).  

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