I love fun cups. Don’t judge me. I know it makes me ultra basic, but I don’t care. They make me happy. 

I find them for two or three dollars here & there & scoop them up, never thinking about where I’ll find space for yet another cup in my cupboard. Right now I’m sipping from one that says, “Unicorn is my spirit animal.” And it’s true.

It’s not just having the fun cups that makes me happy, though. It’s what they make me do.

Do, you ask? That’s right, do. They’re bossy little bi@*$#s & they bend me to their will…in a good way.

You see, I really need to drink water. Lots of it. Half my body weight in ounces daily according to every wellness resource out there. But, I wont do it. Not unless I’m seduced to the straw with a fun cup. 

Water without some packaging flair looks dull. Dull is the enemy of living life to the fullest & I just don’t have time for it. Don’t get me wrong, every day in the life of Lori isn’t bumping with wild excitement. I actually ADORE alone time at my little house reading on the porch, listening to records, or watching FRIENDS in the tub, all usually with a bourbon in hand. But, I want to close my eyes every night feeling satisfied. I’m not interested in days that are a wash. 

My choice beverage is Diet Coke…that sweet fizzy nectar (preferably from McDonald’s) makes me clap a little inside with every gulp. But, apparently it’s bad for me & if I don’t drink enough water the Aspartame will turn my brain into jelly & give me cancer. Which I already had in one genetically unavoidable form & really don’t want to get electively from a beverage. 

So, I need to drink water. And if fun cups are what it takes to motivate me toward proper hydration, I’ll deport the other dishes from that cabinet & dedicate the whole thing to them if I must. 

I’m sure many of you are thinking, “Good for you & all, but why ramble on about your fun cup means to a healthier end for an entire blog post?” The answer is simple.

We must do the things we need to do to take care of ourselves, & pursue health & happiness by whatever means necessary.

I wont drink water unless I have fun cups. Maybe you wont take time for yourself unless you turn your phone off so work can’t find you for an hour or two. Whatever it is that you need to do to make yourself take care of you, do it. You’re worth it.

And if you need to drink more water, try fun cups.

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