“Everything is energy and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.  It can be no other way.  This is not philosophy, this is physics.” Said Albert Einstien.  I have been doing a lot of thinking about how motion, energy, is all the same whether it is for working out, or for our work life.  It has given me a slightly different take on quite a few things, and as I stop and look around, it is more and more clear to me that they are universal truths that we can use in our lives to become more intentional.

A little hill work with my bicycle the other day taught me quite a lot.  If you have never ridden a bike, I am sure you can still follow along with the analogy, but it was more pronounced for me because of the wheels in motion of the bike.  So there I was, climbing the hill, or really I would like to say mountain, but that would just be my thighs talking.  It takes a lot of energy to pump those pedals up an elevation of 400 feet, some downshifting made it easier, but the distance I could get out of the bike was less with each rotation.  The point is that there was a lot of sweating and hard work to get up the hill.  To go DOWN the hill was a breeze.  I would pedal to get the top speed I could to average out my MPH for my whole ride, shifting up to the highest gear and even then if the grade of the road was steep enough I couldn’t pedal fast enough to get any more speed out of the bike. This was fun till I came to the turns and had to break for dear life, but that isn’t the point that I want to go after.  Downhill was just faster but with little work (still effort – but much, much, much less).

In my 20 mile ride there were flat parts too, but if I put in as little effort as I had done on my downhill, my bike would slow down and stop.  Are you following the analogy so far?  Even if you don’t ride a bike, I am sure hard work up the Hilllittle effort down the hill, constant energy and effort to go on the level areas; this all makes sense right? It is physics. How we handle relationships, how we handle our business, how we handle our life is all summed up in this analogy as well. We come to challenges and troubles and we have to PUSH through, we have to not just double our effort, but maybe downshift and stand up and push down with all our weight to get positive traction. There are things working against us, there always are, in this case, is gravity! At the top of the hill there is a sense of joy, of accomplishment that we have pushed through the burden and if we start the downhill easy part, it seems to fly past. It is distance traveled and it is exhilarating in its own right, we are putting effort into things differently than the struggle of going uphill, but it passes by so quickly, if we compare the two, we spend maybe 3 or 4 times as much of our TIME and energy on the challenge then we did on the speedy downhill.

But most of the time the journey is on the flat unexciting part. Small grades up and down, but for the most part, it is flat. There were times that the top of the hill did not go into a downhill right away; it was miles before I was going downhill at all. The FLAT parts take energy. There are no places that I can really REST, even on the downhills, if I want to keep my momentum going, I need to play catch up and pedal as fast as I can to add to the boon that gravity is giving me on the downhill.

It’s physics. That life is hard, that it is an expenditure of energy at all times. If I would stop all my training, what would happen to my body? Just because I have worked hard to get it to a place that is “fit” it wouldn’t stay that way without continues effort. Same for your business- if you can’t see that you are physically putting energy at a level that is making you sweat in some way, is your business maintaining a fitness level? There is never a time that we can just sit and rest. But what we DO find along the way, is on top the hill a joy of achievement, on the downhills a excitement for making up time and to focus on something else, and on the flat areas it is the accomplishment of putting in the miles that keep your business, your body, your life on track and growing in the right direction.

So don’t get soft, don’t listen to the people that distract you. You know what you need to do. You need to put in your miles, no matter what those “miles” are. But those miles need to make you sweat too. If you are not “at your limit” you aren’t growing. There is no SAFE, there is only PUSH.  And if you can’t always do it by yourself, find yourself a coach that works as hard as you, that knows the meaning of putting in the miles, and get them to push you a bit more. There is not a single athlete in the world that did not become a better athlete because of a coach that pushed them.

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