We’re right at the beginning of what some would call the peer-to-peer connection economy. This is a different beast than we’ve ever seen in the history of the world. People can reach out to anyone, anyone can lead, anyone can tag someone to help. But many of us have a mentality that says ‘I’ll wait for someone else to take the lead’. And while they will, it won’t get you the result that you want.

I read a book a while back called The Art Of Asking by Amanda Palmer. I would recommend this to pretty much everyone as it opened my eyes on the simple act of asking for what you want. Because, at the end of the day, we’re still not mind readers and people don’t automatically know what you want. This book taught me that people, especially friends and fans of your brand, like to be included in your life. People naturally want to help. But we’ve been taught through the media for so long that we should all do it ourselves that we’re super shy about asking. And we need to get over ourselves.

Really, all of the worry and stress that we hold inside of us is something that WE put on OURSELVES. It’s not outward, it’s inward. And it can be crippling. First, we need to realize that nothing in the realm of success is done by a single person. It takes a team of people to do anything because we’re all operating in our own little worlds all the time. I don’t say that negatively, it’s simply the fact. We all see the world from our own perspective, and most times that’s not conducive for growth on a larger scale. But I bet that you know someone that can see things that you don’t see, and together, two minds are more than twice as powerful as one. I think they increase each other exponentially rather than additionally.

It takes a certain amount of trust to go out on a limb and ask for things. We have this misconception that it makes us look weak, when in reality it makes us look strong. Because others see it as the fact that we realize that we can’t do it on our own, and that we’re willing to share for the greater good. It’s quite powerful. And let me say, I’ve struggled with this my entire life. It’s hard, but I’m starting more and more to see the HUGE benefits of letting others in on not only business things but life. It’s all good.

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