OK so are you looking down at your phone?

Our phone has become so much more of a communication tool lately. Who would have thought thirty years ago you would be taking a picture that did not have to be processed through film processing and then mailed to your friend in another state. The quickest time even with the advent of one-hour photo shops was about 2 to three days (you had to use the rest of your roll of film). For you under the age of 40, you won’t remember that at all, so I apologize, but my point is, that our “smart” phone does things now that we would never have imagined before. We communicate through our phone. Text, Facebook posts, Linked-in posts, we read blogs, we keep our calendar on our phone, we even have our photo albums on our phone. (Again, for us older folk, remember having one picture of you girlfriend/boyfriend/family in your wallet, do you have one in your wallet now?)

So we not only communicate by our phone, we are entertained by it as well. But it is my opinion that the phone is taking us out of a physical world and only engaging our heads. I wrote a blog about a year ago about Re-engaging (read here) which really for me was about getting my head out of my phone. Doing physical things has been such a new focus for a lot of us; we forgot the joys of it.

When I talk about bringing things more into a physical world I don’t mean just working out. But for me it has been not just calling clients, it is actually going to their office and having lunch with them. It has also been not sending an e-mail, but actually taking pen to paper and writing things out. I have been writing a book and I start with a notebook that I have to jot down thoughts before I ever get onto a computer.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my technology and how it connects me like we never have been connected before, but I love the physical world too. There is another trend that is growing fast with Facebook Live feeds, also Virtual Networking, and I understand the enhanced reach of being able to reach people where THEY are instead of everyone coming together to interact face to face, but isn’t there something missing? Don’t we in our fight to get more “likes” and “comments” through JUST social media lose the value and intimacy of a shake of the hand, a hug, being able to look someone in the eye and see them looking back at us? I have been organizing successful networking events in the Louisville area for 16 years now called No Rules Networking, and I see the full richness of the relationships that have blossomed that were not just online. Again, online and social media is a great way to boost those relationships, but they are so much more enriched by physically being there, don’t you agree?

So again here is a challenge for you. What are you physically doing today to grow your business, to enhance your fitness, to strengthen a relationship? Put the screen aside and stand up and start moving, and you will find more joy at the end of the day then a day that was pure screen time. It is time to get reengaged.

John “Z” Zeydel your PUSH coach to get you reengages and finding joy in your workplace and your life.

Creator of Managing by Excellence.

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