I am such a creature of habit, and creating habits that work for my everyday life. While I love to change things up, and really keep things fun and interesting it is important for me to have some sort of routine and habit to allow for the feeling of success and less stress. Therefore, something that resonates home to me is the concept of “happy medium”. To me, a happy medium lifestyle is pretty much exactly what it sounds like…to live a life that is happy and full of a medium mentality. It is great to eat healthy, but it is also great to eat pizza. It is great to workout and sweat, but also great to take days for your body to recover. All about b a l a n c e.

I encourage you all to take this challenge and perspective of life with open arms this year, and see how it ends up for you. Sometimes I would get in my own mind thinking “NO, you need to eat this salad!” or “You have to workout today”. While I am not telling you not to encourage and motivate yourself to lead a healthier/happier lifestyle, trust me I am all for that, but not doing it to the point where there isn’t a joy anymore.

Life is more than making sure you don’t slip up and have a cookie, life is more than going out of your way multiple times to prove your worthy to a person. This is your life, and it goes by pretty fast. Faster than I could have ever imagined. The older I get, the more this comes true and into fruition.

I think life is is all about perspective and what you make of it, whether that sounds cheesy or cliche or not, in my opinion it is so very true. Therefore, reminding myself of that “happy medium” and the “you only live once” and it goes fast mentality, is so important to ground me to make the most of not only each day I am given, but of my life in its entirety. #smelltheroses

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