We are a busy and complicated lot, aren’t we? If you think about the lives that we live today there is a lot being done with an outward focus. This is overall a good thing. But I think we’ve all had an experience on one side of the fence or the other in a situation where either we were trying to change someone or they were trying to change us.

I know I have. I’m not proud of some of the things in my past that I’ve done or said that were outwardly focused yet selfishly motivated. I wasn’t operating with malice; I was ignorant. I’m grateful to be more aware of the truth that people will not change by force. Period.

Welcome to #TheDailyYes. The idea is simple- we are sharing some of the quotes, phrases, and pearls of wisdom that have helped us throughout the years.

A few simple words can completely change the way a person thinks about things. A person’s success, self-worth, and impact on the world can be completely attributed to the way he or she thinks about things.

Jason Mudd, Executive Officer

We can all think of someone in our lives that struggles with addiction. Really- we all deal with addiction on some level. But I’m talking about the alcohol or opiate stuff that is so prominent in our society, our community, and our neighborhoods. It touches all of us in one way or another. We see people, both close to us and in our periphery, that are in the mix. Caught up. And because we care we know how to fix it. We can almost draw a map. But no matter how much we want people to change, give them the tools to change, and encourage change, it never works until they’re ready.

We all deal with addiction on some level.

Ever. Ever ever.

People will only accept and execute a divergent path when they desire to be where it leads and believe they can get there.

I went out the other night with Fed With Faith to do cold weather homeless outreach. The temp was around 10 degrees that night as we drove around on what seemed like a scavenger hunt. For people. Living outside. In 10 degree weather.

On a personal note- have you ever thought about how to identify people outside, at night, in winter, walking around, who might be homeless and in need? It can be a touchy subject! After having a few close calls at offending people we had no intention of offending, I got a tip for how to approach people. Picture the scene: driving slow in downtown Louisville, black SUV with tinted windows rolling down the street, and when we’d find someone who maybe could be in need, we’d roll down the windows and politely ask “have you seen any homeless people tonight?”

ed. note: don’t judge a book by its cover.

This wasn’t my first rodeo, but it was a reminder that I was grateful to experience. When I encounter some of the people living in these conditions I am reminded of how we as humans can choose addiction over quality of life. For a moment, my heart is broken every time I go on these runs. At the same time, it makes me question the charitable action as a whole too as there is an element of enabling to it.

Who knows when any of these people will “get it”, if ever. For me- the act in itself is about the fact that human life is precious, we all need help from time to time, and the majority of us are too pround to ask for it before its too late. It is about the truth that people can become inspired and can decide to make a change at any time when they see something that is better. Better is always relative. In this perspective, I have a better way of life. I want people to see it. So I go out and demonstrate it.

But- I know that I can’t change anyone. Nor do I really want to. People have to find, realize, and accept the desire to change. The process is the same for a big change as it is for a small change. For someone else who doesn’t know any better tho, it takes someone to be and to demonstrate the change.

Who in your circle needs an injection of privilege? Live in a manner that makes others want what you have. An amazing life isn’t magic. It’s science. Just don’t try to change anyone.

I also want to know what simple phrases, quotes, or other pearls of wisdom have positively impacted your life. I’m going to pick a guest contributor one day a week so that we can keep this lively from a perspective sense. Email me at hello@yeslouisville.com. I appreciate your thoughts!

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