I think we can all agree that, on some level, we’re all photographers. And taking better pictures can greatly improve our personal brands and businesses. If you’re reading this blog, it can be assumed that you carry with you an iPhone or Android phone, which houses a camera that can knock the pants off anything professional-grade from 10-15 years ago. So how do you take better pictures? For starters, how you hold your camera can markedly impact the clarity of your shots.

Photo website Photography Life tells us in this video that burry photos happen when the camera is moved, especially when the shutter speed is slow. And the simplest way to keep movement from happening is to hold your camera and your body stable. Check out the video above for the full tips, but here’s the gist:

Keep Your Feet Perpendicular To Your Subject: This gives you more balance, as there is less back and forth movement.

Tuck Your Elbows In: Your body will naturally keep them more stable this way, and there will be less movement.

Breathe Out: Your chest and shoulders naturally move when you breath, so breathing out and holding your breath before the shot can keep everything more stable.

Watch the video above for the full story and visuals, and check out the link below for the full story on Photography Life.

How To Properly Hold A Camera | Photography Life

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